Open Source Software


Datos is an R package provides the Spanish translation of English data sets originally available in other R packages. The translated data is that used in the examples in the R for Data Science book, the Spanish version of R for Data Science by Hadley Wickham & Garrett Grolemund. The data package can be used together with the book or independently as a source of practice data in Spanish.


Musical Genes

Genes work together in concert to regulate behavior. What does this ‘transcriptional symphony’ sound like? Data sonification is the presentation of data as sound. Musical Genes is an R Shiny app that allows users to interactively visualize and sonify (or plot and play) gene expression to better understand the biology of parental care. The user can choose a gene from this pulldown menu and listen to how it changes over time with the R packages sonify and tuneR. We also represent the levels of gene expression as notes on a scale that could be played on an instrument like a piano or guitar. Finally, we provide additional visualizations that provide insight into genes that might work in concert to regulate biological processes of biomedical relevance. Exploration of this data could provide additional insights of biological processes that of biomedical relevance all while making beautiful music.