I thought it would be fun to list my publications Friends-episode-like names (to make them more accessible to non-scientists) and provide a quick overview of the citations and social media mentions. To read the article, click the hyperlinked article or PDF. To browse my publications by title or year visit my Google Scholar page or my ORCID page.

    The post-doc years

  1. The one with tips for teaching Amazon Web Services. Parigi et al. 2022.
  2. The one with findable data. Charbonneau et al. 2021.
  3. The one with milk from parenting pigeons. Farrar et al. 2021.
  4. The one with hormones from parenting pigeons. Austin, Krause, et al. 2021.
  5. The one with stressed-out pigeons. Austin, Harris, et al. 2021.
  6. The one with alternatively spliced genomes. Lang et al. 2020.
  7. The one with tools for reproducibility. Clarke DJB et al. 2019.

  8. The grad school years

  9. The one with avoidance learning in mice. Harris et al. 2020.
  10. The one with participatory live coding. Nederbragt et al. 2020.
  11. The one with dissociated brain tissues. Harris et al. 2019.
  12. The one with New England crab neurons. Northcutt et al. 2019.
  13. The one with lesson development plans. Devenyi et al. 2018.

  14. The research technician years

  15. The one with mating systems and microarrays. Renn et al. 2017.
  16. The one with body color and social behavior. Dijkstra et al. 2017.
  17. The one with sex-changing cichlids. Göppert et al 2016.
  18. The one with brain evolution and development. Harris et al. 2016. .
  19. The one with vasopressin and space use theory. Oldfield et al. 2015.
  20. The one with opsin gene evolution. Harris and Hofmann 2015.
  21. The one with tilapia response to pheromones. Simões et al. 2015.
  22. The one with the five cichlid genomes. Brawand et al. 2014.
  23. The one with wrasse reproductive tactics. Stiver et al. 2014.
  24. The one with swordtails, hormones, and body size. Smith et al. 2014.
  25. The one with social behavior and genomics. Harris and Hofmann 2013.
  26. The one with stressed-out guppies. Fischer et al. 2013.
  27. The one with pro-opiomelanocortin gene evolution. Harris et al. 2013.
  28. The one with monogamy and steroid hormones. Sessa et al. 2013.
  29. The one with monogamy and peptides. Oldfield et al. 2013.